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We are Latino Podcasts for a new generation.

Oyenos Audio’s mission is to culturally and authentically connect with latinos across all generations and subcultures through relevant and trustworthy content, impactful storytelling, contributors and key partnerships. By partnering and working side by side with established producers and talent and extending our footprint with new content creators we are Latino Podcasts for a new generation.



Branded Content

Deliver best-in-class branded content that will help your brand to produce via take over episodes or an exclusive podcast for your brand.

Baked in ads/custom content

With this experience, the listener enjoys in-content reads, which means the host will bring the ad to the episode as part of the content and conversation. This type of advertising is an amazing way to engage the listener.

Immersive Host & Announcer-Read Audio Ads

With exclusive Host Reads for your brand, we offer premium content in a brand-safe environment with audio across the Oyenos Audio network.

Targeted Audience Solutions

Leverage listener demographics and psychographics to deliver your brand message at scale.

Connect with Oyenos Audio to learn more about partnerships and ad opportunities

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